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FMCG Cost Control: Boosting Brewing Bottom Lines

Picture the scene in many a brewing boardroom; a terse note has arrived from the suits at HQ telling the boss to urgently reduce costs as the year-end result is not going to look pretty. Why do all the board directors then look silently at their supply chain colleague? Of course, there are...Read more

FMCG Turn-around Intensive Care Recovery KPIs

On a daily basis the amount of care we give to the human body is remarkably little. When you are feeling in good shape the best the body can hope for is a good wash, a brush of the teeth and a slap of moisturiser if you are a bit of a girly. What else? Haircut and manicure perhaps oh, and possibly...Read more

Supply Chain Performance: Budget Airlines and KPIs……

I have never been a fan of budget airlines and certainly not since one left me sleeping overnight in the back of beyond that is Luton Airport. That may be an exciting addition to a student’s back-pack holiday itinerary but when you have a glass back it is not so appealing. Nevertheless, they do fly...Read more

Interim Management & Consultancy – What's the difference?

At Enchange, we have provided many supply chain interim managers for clients over the years. I was discussing our supply chain interim management services with a client recently and she asked whether she should be hiring interim managers or consultants.   We had a long chat and it turned...Read more

Top 10 Times You Need Supply Chain Interim Management

I have been talking to a number of supply chain executives during the last few weeks and something of a theme has emerged. The theme is the immediate need for highly skilled supply chain resource, available at short notice, with the flexibility to switch off the resource at wil..….and at fee rates...Read more

Relieve your FMCG pain - secure Interim Supply Chain Support

I know you are busy. Not enough hours in the day. Deadlines rapidly approaching. Your children call you Uncle Dad or Auntie Mum. Before the stress takes its inevitable toll think about relieving the pressure without adding to head count. Why s Interim Management an opportunity at present?...Read more

Global FMCG Supply Chain Transformed by Analytics

The Challenge A leading global FMCG company undertook an aggressive supply chain improvement programme across 150 markets. The objective was 100% alignment of worldwide operational activities with company strategy and objectives. Not an insignificant task!  The Problem The organisation...Read more

Supply Chain: The benefits of Interim Management

Interim Management is an approach used by companies to “make things happen” within a clear budget and without the headaches of recruiting a full time employee (FTE).  The benefits are numerous but initially…… Immediate access to expert supply chain skills and experience in your sector. No...Read more

Supply Chains – Managing internal & external 3/4PLP expectations

American sit-coms. With very few exceptions I personally do not find them at all funny. At times the funniest part is hearing the hilarious canned laughter when nothing in the least bit humorous occurs. MASH, Taxi and Cheers are the only sit-coms out of hundreds that managed to connect with my...Read more

Supply Chains – A second look: What do all those initials really mean?

In common with many business functions Supply Chains adopt multiple initials and/or acronyms to describe various tasks and processes they manage on a daily basis. Those not familiar with SC-speak will often sit bemused as various initials are quoted and debated and then usually blamed for some...Read more

Supply Chain Analytics: Sprouts, Imodium & Harry Potter

Christmas and new year holidays seem a long way behind. The decorations have been squeezed back into their boxes for another year and Slade, Cliff, Bing, Bowie and others are safely back in their CD cases. Turkeys around the world are rejoicing as much as the children who do not have to tackle...Read more

FMCG Planning: If you like chocolate, now is the time!

Overeaten chocolate during the holidays but still want some more? Get yourself and a large blue IKEA bag down to your local supermarket as chocolate is heavily discounted. Easter is not far away this year so why not save a little cash and stock up now - use by dates permitting, of course! Post...Read more

An FMCG Distributor Is For Life: Not Just For Christmas

Ok, so you are unlikley to see this on a car bumper sticker but FMCG Distributors will have a significant impact on your sales performance, probably your variable pay bonus and therefore your CEO aspirations! How have you treated your Distributors this year? Were they the usual pain in the...Read more

FMCG CEO 2016 Letter to Santa Claus (aka Father Christmas)

Dear Santa, I have been a very good FMCG CEO this year, I promise. If you want, you can check with my shareholders. They know how good I have been this year. Apart from the out of stocks of course, oh and the little mistake when we had to write stock off and waste lots of our money. But that is not...Read more

The Twelve Days of Supply Chain 2016

On the first day of Christmas, Enchange gave to me  A robust S&OP.  On the second day of Christmas,  Enchange gave to me  Two fine consultants,  And a robust S&OP. On the third day of Christmas,  Enchange gave to me  An ERP go-live, Two fine...Read more

FMCG CEO Christmas Gift: Implement S&OP – Slade style!

Christmas is coming around faster than ever and who better than Noddy Holder and Slade to give a Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP) process to your business as a present. This song has been heard at Christmas every year since 1973! If you have been living in a cave on a...Read more

Santa & Opening Presents - S&OP Putting Elves in their place

Dear Mr. K Ite, Thank you for your very short note highlighting some minor points; I can see you are a little aggrieved. On behalf of "Mr Claus I will attempt to minimise your apparent unease with the S&OP process in the context of the very small print in your members employment conditions. I...Read more

Santa & Opening Presents, S&OP & the Elves Respond

Dear Mr Santa, I refer to the recent blog article, "Santa & Opening Presents; Why S&OP is Invaluable at Christmas". As I mentioned in the consultation process just prior to S&OP implementation, I was prepared on behalf of our members to support the programme, provided and only provided...Read more

Santa & Opening Presents - S&OP is Invaluable at Christmas

“Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh…” How many of you started to sing then? Yes, the festive period is fast approaching and the biggest and best Supply Chain in the world is almost ready to activate. This is always the most efficient Supply Chain whatever Gartner may say. There is...Read more

Case Study: FMCG (Friendly Man Carrying Gifts) RTM (Reindeer To Market)

Client :         Santa Claus aka Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, St. Nick or simply Santa Market:        A large part of the World Scope:          FMCG Reindeer Route To...Read more

Logistics Outsource Tendering in CEE - Top 7 Hazards

This process can be straight forward but a little extra care and knowledge will ensure you achieve the best warehousing and/or transport solution for your business. Just a quick reality check, do you need to outsource? Before embarking on a complicated and potentially disruptive tender are you...Read more

Supply Chain Analytics: Is your data providing information & actions?

Who coined the term “Big Data”? How did we get there without tiny data, ordinary data, slightly larger data, chubby data and bordering on big data? People working in or associated with Supply Chains seem obsessed by data yet data itself tells you absolutely nothing. Really, not a lot apart from the...Read more

Supply Chain Analytics: The birth of a new Dawn, or Daniel

Anyone expecting their first child has probably been told by a gloating-doting grandparent-to be that their lives are about to change dramatically. This is of course untrue as in reality dramatically is too simple a word and in any event, that “change” is far, far different than granny suggests....Read more

Fashion Retailers: Is inventory eating into your profits? (It is…)

I touched on the problem of expanding UK waistlines a few blogs ago and the topic popped up again recently when I was out and about shopping for clothes – no, not me. This is not as regular an event as it may be for senior management but due to the imminent arrival of a few dry and summery days, I...Read more

FMCG – Hunkering down for Supply Chain Analytics

Have you ever “hunkered down”? I remember being asked to hunker down during a supply chain training course many years ago and I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Eventually I had to ask as failing to follow the hunker downwards request appeared to be causing a bit of a problem for the...Read more

Olympic level FMCG performance or simply distributor over-stocking?

Wow, four years have flashed past since the London Olympic bunting was packed away and the metal polish put back under the sink. The 2016 Rio games are well and truly underway and the cauldron flame is alight for the duration. Over 11,000 competitors from nearly 200 countries and even a refugee...Read more

Supply Chain – regular IT to Supply Chain Analytics

I am an App-free zone. I have to admit I am not a big App fan but at least I now know what an App is after a lengthy period of ignorant denial. Originally used only by cutting edge, bearded techies (sorry Steve), Apps have become a major part of routine as life seems to revolve around getting more...Read more

Frock Stocks & FMCG Supply Chain Inventory Decisions

Senior Management has been on quite a shopping spree over the last few months taking advantage of various big name high street stores that have lost their lustre and even their premises in some cases. The demise of these familiar UK brands has nothing to do with Brexit and the variable value of...Read more

FMCG Supply Chains: Searching for the next “big thing” – it’s here!

I had an informal discussion with a small group of FMCG Supply Chain VP/Directors last week. I well remember the occasion as it was the day UK had its annual summer but the discussion was memorable for more than that fact. After rushing back to base in the inevitable evening rain with my briefcase...Read more

Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat & his Supply Chain hat

I recently peeped outside of the FMCG and Pharmaceutical world and took a look at the amount of empty beds in the National Health Service in UK and how a little alternative thinking plus basic demand and supply planning expertise could improve bed utilisation. Today it is the turn of the Royal Mail...Read more

UK NHS Supply Chain: bed-busting benefits of patient SKUs

Some time ago I looked at the often dreadful customer service offered by FMCG and Telecoms companies in CEE. Of course, this avoidable malaise is not restricted to that part of the world. After being in UK for a few weeks I have experienced really poor service from organisations you would think had...Read more

FMCG & Shakespeare? Macbeth S&OP Soliloquy

As we one again celebrate St George's Day and the 400th birthday of William Shakespeare (also the date he died, coincidentally) what would the great bard think about Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP) in FMCG businesses? Let us take a look...... Is this a plan which I see before...Read more

FMCG Supply Chains; Swiss legal entities & local Op-Cos - a taxing question

Personal and corproate taxation has been top of mind this week. Suddenly all sorts of UK policticians are publishing their tax returns in an attempt to show themselves whiter than white. Well, the tax returns will be Persil-white won't they or otherwise the tax man will already have had a word? In...Read more

FMCG Company disbands the Supply Chain function……..

I am back on line again after a few days’ holiday post completion of some challenging factory footprint project work. One of the first catch-up meetings I have had was with an FMCG CEO. No names of course, but this is a medium-large sized player knocking on the blue-chip door. The company has a...Read more

FMCG Supply Chain: KPI Scorecards - Don’t look back in anger

For a change, UK has been my base for a few weeks and even in that short time I have started to genuinely think I must now be a different nationality if not from a different planet. When my denim jeans rip at the knees it is time to throw them out.  I do not have a badly drawn and...Read more

Supply Chain: Communication teases out scorecard improvement

When I used to spend far too much of my life flying around the globe I did my best to avoid cabin chat with fellow passengers. That may sound a bit miserable but I just needed some sleep before arriving at the next FMCG supply chain challenge. I still prefer to strap in with a hand wrapped around...Read more

FMCG Inventory: Do you celebrate being Out Of Stock - OOS)?

Out of stocks? Excellent news and a huge relief for all concerned! A celebration party or at least a few drinks should be the next immediate priority but only after a bath or shower……….. Being sentenced to serve time in the stocks in medieval times was a very public humiliation but certainly low...Read more

Inventory, inventory, inventory. They’ve all got it – inventory.

Amongst the many variables in running a Supply Chain, the one certainty in FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Agri businesses is that inventory is solely in the eye of the beholder. Nobody else but Supply Chain actually sees the full unedited and excuse-free realism on inventory and what this stock is doing...Read more

Why S&OP and IBP are invaluable all year round but especially at Christmas

All rather too quickly Noddy Holder is already gargling on the festive gravel. Roy Wood and Wizard are wishing we could grossly over eat and drink on 365 or 366 days of the year and although they never met, Bowie and Bing are dueting about peace on earth – a likely story in today’s world. Together...Read more

1 Inventory Optimisation Success Story

In my last two blogs I offered three reasons why multinationals are still struggling with inventory optimisation. I also suggested two issues that needed to be addressed before this process can commence. This is the story of how one organisation managed to turn around decades of frustration...Read more