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FMCG Supply Chain: The Top 10 Smash Hits (with a twist)

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 25, 2015
The worlds of Supply Chain and popular music may be strange bed fellows but if you look closely you will see many a smash hit have a supply chain theme. Let us take a tongue-in-cheek look at the latest Supply Chain charts. I Want My ERP – Sting is…

FMCG Supply Chain Language; What do we really mean?

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 18, 2015
If you are honest you have probably sat bored in an airport lounge waiting for your inevitably delayed flight and listened in on a conversation. Go on, admit it! If the discussion topic is not one with which you are familiar it can be as if you are…

FMCG: 7 Reasons to engage an Interim Supply Chain Manager

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 11, 2015
The global recession rumbles on and on and on like Coronation Street – which will end first? Once again it is Greece holding out a cap for another IMF/EU bale out? Spain and others remain on the brink and France/Germany seem to be keeping their own…

FMCG Supply Chain Consultants: A lot of Fiction & 1 Fact!

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 04, 2015
Some FMCG organisations are comfortable with the idea of using consultants while others avoid them like the plague. Having been on both sides of the fence with respect to supply chain consultancy services I can appreciate the pros and cons for each…

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