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Space Constraints in a 3PLP FMCG/Pharma Warehouse

Dave Jordan Tue, Jul 24, 2012
Possibly the most jaw-dropping and least welcome question I will ever hear. A question that brings me to the depths of despair certainly, rapidly and without warning. A question that is worse than being asked to appear on Big Brother – well almost.…

FMCG CEO : An important reunion with S&OP

Dave Jordan Wed, Jul 18, 2012
Here at Missing Pieces/Fractured Families/Long Lost Family – delete as per local programming presented by irritating celebrity – we help people find family and friends they have not seen for many years. Often, we are a last resort after all other…

FMCG distributor overstocking blocks more than your business

Dave Jordan Tue, Jul 10, 2012
I spent most of last weekend slightly below ground in a hot, dirty, smelly hole without light and where you could not stand up properly. No, it was not the driver’s room at your 3PLP but it was the hole in the ground that provides water to the…

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