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How would your FMCG or Pharma Supply Chain cope in a crisis?

Dave Jordan Thu, Mar 24, 2011
We have seen some terrible natural disasters recently. The large earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan have ruined lives and caused unbelievable devastation. When you add in the political unrest in several countries and the recent UN mandate on Libya…

Retailer Logistic Platforms: A Help or Hindrance?

Dave Jordan Fri, Mar 18, 2011
For years producers have sent their products to individual retails stores and endured the seemingly endless waits for an unloading slot plus the inevitable claim “for missing goods”. Why do International Key Account (IKA) retailers have so much…

Supply chain services; Big Firm vs Small Niche experts?

Michael Thompson Mon, Mar 14, 2011
In the 1970s when organisations bought PCs it used to be said that "you never got fired for buying IBM". I wonder if the same attitude to risk is still true in 2011 when organisations buy supply chain consultancy services? Here are two recent…

10 Reasons Why NOT to Evaluate your FMCG/Pharma Route To Market

Dave Jordan Fri, Mar 11, 2011
The reasons and benefits for carrying out a professional review of your Distribution network are well documented. Most of the senior people I meet understand the value of such a programme but there is a sizeable minority holding opposing views. …

Supply Chain Blog Enchange Oscars - and the Winner is...

Michael Thompson Tue, Mar 08, 2011
Lest we were caught up in the furore of the Hollywood version, it is now time to announce the winners of the inaugural Enchange Supply Chain Blog Oscars. Without further ado: Best Route to Market Blog – goes to Evaluate your FMCG Route to Market…

Essential Elements of FMCG/Pharma Route To Market (RTM) Success

Dave Jordan Mon, Mar 07, 2011
With Traditional Trade enjoying something of a revival due to the extended recession some savvy companies are sorting out their RTM distribution networks. This will provide an immediate advantage over competitors and once the recession cloud blows…

FMCG Complexity: Factory Efficiency versus Operating Company Cost

Dave Jordan Thu, Mar 03, 2011
Initiatives such as 6-Sigma and TPM have helped producers towards optimised output from their manufacturing networks. Line changeovers are carried out with Grand Prix slickness. Packaging components have been harmonised and rationalised. Output…

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