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FMCG Route To Market in D&E: Producer DC Errors Don’t Help

Dave Jordan Tue, Jul 30, 2013
“There is always somebody worse off than you” is a commonly rolled out piece of wisdom when somebody thinks life is unfair or hard. In reality this wisdom applies to all but the most unhealthy, unfortunate or poorest people on the planet but in the…

FMCG: Beer and Soft Drinks on shelf availability or not!

Dave Jordan Thu, Jul 25, 2013
In my local supermarket over the weekend I noticed something I had not seen or perhaps not noticed before. On the shelf I was expecting to relieve of my weekend beer was a propped up sign saying “We are sorry your choice is not available. We are…

Another telecoms customer service calamity results in lost customer

Dave Jordan Tue, Jul 23, 2013
Another telecommunications related tale rounds off my current trilogy of customer service mishaps. I really do hope this is the last one I experience as I have been on a run of really bad luck lately. However, I suspect a long, hot and sunny UK…

Telecoms Customer Service reputation ruined in seconds

Dave Jordan Wed, Jul 17, 2013
I recently wrote about how an airline dented its reputation with an overly fussy interpretation of on board baggage storage rules. In my poor customer service trilogy I now turn my attention to a well known global telecoms company. I will keep the…

Airline Customer Service reputation ruined in seconds

Dave Jordan Wed, Jul 10, 2013
This has not been a great week for customer service and from some very well known companies. People say things happen in threes and this week I have had 3 unexpectedly poor customer service experiences. Disappointment and irritation is always…

S&OP Word Power: Communicating FMCG Supply Chain Change 2

Dave Jordan Thu, Jul 04, 2013
Recently I looked at how Enchange has been helping companies understand Supply Chain challenges through the use of music and verse. Our cultural theme continues here through the use of simple stories exposing some common problems encountered in FMCG…

Communicating FMCG Supply Chain Change; Music to your SC ears?

Dave Jordan Tue, Jul 02, 2013
From personal experience I know how difficult it can be to enable sustainable change in the extended Supply Chain.  Communicating change is hard enough but actually seeing it happen and being maintained is a tough task for most companies. Even…

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