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Top tips to improve 3PLP cycle counting & avoid suffering stock shock

Dave Jordan Mon, May 31, 2010
Stock counting is such a pain that it is lucky you are only required to count your stock once per annum under most jurisdictions. If you really think it is "lucky" then you are fooling yourself. Count your stock once per year and you are asking for…

Working With 3PLP’s in CEE - When did you last see your stock count?

Dave Jordan Tue, May 18, 2010
People over a certain age talk about times when they could leave their front doors open or when people found money and took it to a police station. Long-gone days, sadly. Nowadays, if you leave your front door open all you belongings will be stolen…

10 Tips for improving performance through closer Logistics Service Provider relationships

Christian Cusworth Thu, May 13, 2010
An open and transparent engagement with your LSP can deliver tangible business benefits in addition to a less stressed working environment; consider some of the following pointers in your relationships with LSPs.   Information sharing: Be willing to…

Forecasting – The Great Unknown?

Keith Marshall Mon, May 10, 2010
The sales forecast is the main driver of the S&OP process. This is the critical input to the process and the successes of all subsequent planning actions are dependent on the accuracy of the forecast. Working as a supply chain consultant for…

Logistics: Working With 3rd Party Logistics Providers (3PLPs) in CEE

Dave Jordan Wed, May 05, 2010
If you have outsourced your logistics operation to a 3rd party logistics provider (3PLP) in CEE and you have any of the following problems:  Unexplained stock losses    Poor communication  Delivery delays  Inefficiency  Cost increases  Picking…

A solid internal S&OP process and still we failed to deliver!

Christian Cusworth Tue, May 04, 2010
We often hear FMCG businesses complain about being let down by their Logistics providers. "They couldn't deliver "Not enough space in the warehouse" "Trucks in the wrong location", "Resource constraints" etc. The standard response is to despatch the…

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