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FMCG Beer stock outs and the Otopeni airport baggage carousel

Dave Jordan Wed, May 28, 2014
Quite a bit of travel recently with a trip in each of the last three weeks. Regular readers will be aware I do not particularly like flying these days, not out of fear but simply the hassle of getting onto a plane. I am now down to simple trainers,…

FMCG Producers: The important role of motorway network infrastructure

Dave Jordan Wed, May 21, 2014
The human heart. Unless you are a little bit dead or a politician we all have one beating away inside. Thinking a little out of the box, what an excellent supply chain the heart is! Oxygenated blood is pumped through arteries around the body in just…

FMCG Meets Top Gear: IKA Store to Shelf Supply Chain: Last 50 Yards

Dave Jordan Wed, May 14, 2014
FMCG and Brewing producers amongst many others, carefully pack their products to meet exacting requirements for International Key Account (IKA) and Local Key Account (LKA) customers. Increasingly this includes specially collated and shrink-wrapped…

FMCG, Drinks, Pharmaceuticals: Mind the performance gap

Dave Jordan Wed, May 07, 2014
I have recently returned from three days in London attending the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Summit – more on that event in another blog. Now, I am not a frequent traveller in London or the UK in general for that matter so getting around is…

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