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Supply Chain can affect your marriage: Inventory control

Posted by Stefan Cucu on Wed, Jan 23, 2013

It is a pleasure to introduce our guest blogger Stefan Cucu, who is an experienced tri-lingual (Romanian/English/French) supply chain consultant. His 20+ years experience include a wide variety of supply chain operational roles with blue-chip FMCG manufacturing companies in CEE. With exposure to many different logistics and supply chain projects in multi-national organisations in FMCG, Pharma and Brewing, Stefan understands the supply chain challenges these companies face in CEE today.

Hello! I am Stefan, your guide. Guide for what? Well, supply chain activities in your marriage! Female voice application is not yet available for WMS stock control and is unlikely to be available soon. Call me a misogynist - but for me it is true and I hope to convince you why.

In today's discussion, I choose something critical in logistics: inventory control. Specifically, stock control of your own refrigerator, honestly.  Some people call me stingy or mean whereas I just see very organised guy.  I started to get worried when I saw that on a weekly basis at least 4-5 yoghurts, a 400g piece of cheese, 2 links of sausage, ½ saucepan of various stews,  plus ½ jar ketch-up, 1 jar of tomato sauce, ½ jar dried tomatoes are thrown away in the garbage bin.

FEFO FIFO Warehouse copyObviously I went into action. First we (or I) implemented FEFO – First Expiry First Out. Once a day I moved  products that are approaching expiration date to the front of the refrigerator. Then we introduced stock segregation.  I installed a quarantine location (a plastic box from IKEA) and I placed all meats and cheese spread inside. Opened jars were relocated to the top row in the refrigerator – everything readily at hand.

Two weeks later I realised that it is quiet in the house. Do you think it is related to the new stock policy? A sharp female response erupted. "Do you think that we will get sick with hepatitis? You have made me eat only expired yogurt and dried-out sausage? So do you think this is real economy? Do you want us to fall ill? If that happens, think how much we will spend on medicines!

There was no sense to continue a discussion and attempt negotiation. Eventually, I gave in, I had to. The argument also had the value of medicines. These wise principles: FEFO / FIFO, inventory segregation, introducing fair stock policies - may not apply in the home refrigerator.

However, I cannot help thinking that if my idea was applied worldwide think of all the food we would save from waste.

Not applying the FEFO rules mentioned above has nevertheless arrived at a rate of loss of zero. How? Simple when you have God's help. God invented dogs. They do not read labels and look at me with love after each weekly feast of expired yoghurt and sausage.  This strategy might reduce your percentage of waste in FMCG goods.


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