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Doing Business in Africa – S&OP is part of the answer

Michael Thompson Wed, Jun 30, 2010
A short rest from the World Cup today. I speaking to a colleague today who had attended a conference last week about doing business in Nigeria. There were echoes from several chats I have had recently with some of our West African clients including…

England Out of Africa

Michael Thompson Wed, Jun 30, 2010
"... and another thing ... they're all paid millions ... and now it's all over, they all disappear on holiday ..." (leaving us to pick up the pieces of our shattered dreams is the unspoken message). And so continues another England footballing…

Vuvuzelas and the value of S&OP

Dave Jordan Tue, Jun 29, 2010
Suddenly, many companies in South Africa are grossly overstocked with red, white and blue Vuvuzelas! They will not be allowed at Wimbledon and even the cricket authorities would think twice. Skiing, possibly? There may be quite some capital tied up…

SKU Proliferation and its’ effect on your FMCG Customer Service

Dave Jordan Tue, Jun 22, 2010
Sku's sneak onto price lists when nobody is looking. Sales & Marketing colleagues like launches with lengthy lists of skus; different flavours, different sizes, different colours. How many shelf facings do they want? How do these decisions get…

Doing FMCG, Pharma Business in Africa : England vs USA World Cup

Michael Thompson Wed, Jun 16, 2010
The inevitable post-match, post-mortem. A bunch of lad's dads extolling wisdom & virtue on a Sunday morning after the night before. What was Capello thinking about? If we can't beat the USA, what hope is there? Green the villain; Green the…

Africa, the World Cup, & Supply Chain – what’s the connection?

Michael Thompson Tue, Jun 15, 2010
Well it has finally started. The world cupis here. And Africa is centre stage again in the collective conscious of the world. Not since the G8 summit in July 2008 has the world turned its attention to Africa; too often the forgotten continent.…

7 Ways to avoid overstocking FMCG distributors in CEE

Dave Jordan Wed, Jun 09, 2010
This is relatively easy but it requires rigour and discipline plus top-down leadership ideally through a harmonious S&OP process. Month, quarter and year-end push. -- Run your business on one set of numbers agreed at Board level and ensure NOBODY…

7 Deadly Sins: Why FMCG Distributors are Overstocked in CEE

Dave Jordan Fri, Jun 04, 2010
Make no mistake Mr. Producer, YOU put the stock there, oh yes you did! Distributors don't buy stock for a laugh and a giggle. Excess stock blocks up their warehouses and locks up their cash. Month, quarter and year-end push. "Targets have to be met…

What leaders of FMCG S&OP processes could learn from Fabio Capello!

Christian Cusworth Fri, Jun 04, 2010
Before Capello leads England to world cup glory in South Africa (you read it here second!) There is much to observe about his approach to leadership in the context of Supply Chain and S&OP in particular: Makes Decisions. At the end of the…

OTC Distributor Payment terms in today’s Romanian pharma market

Lucian Cretu Tue, Jun 01, 2010
As a representative of an OTC producer in Romania, I would bet that the challenge of 100+ days payment terms set by your Distributers is on your "Top 3 issues" list. If you have been involved in the Romanian pharmaceutical market for some time…

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