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FMCG/Pharma KPI Scorecard: How accurate are your calculations?

Dave Jordan Thu, Oct 31, 2013
Well I find it strange anyway.  Whenever I go to see my doctor she always greets me with a cheery “good morning, how are you?” I always feel like replying “well I‘m in your clinic so there is a fair chance I need some medical advice or assistance”.…

FMCG Foods: Shocking Retailer & Producer Waste

Dave Jordan Tue, Oct 29, 2013
That is an astonishing amount of food waste. Tesco in the UK has held its hands up and admitted it has generated 30,000 tonnes of food waste in the first 6 months of 2013. If that waste rate continues unabated it will reach an enormous 60.000 tonnes…

FMCG Demand Signal Generation; TISWAS, TV Cooking & Sushi

Dave Jordan Wed, Oct 23, 2013
When I was a Saturday morning TV addict in UK the must-watch show was ITV’s TISWAS which featured the thigh booted Sally James and I think there were some other presenters. The alternative offering was the much posher and less anarchic Swap Shop on…

FMCG Forecasting: Ice Cream, chocolate and pregnancy…….

Dave Jordan Wed, Oct 16, 2013
You will have to bear with me on this one. Do you know that on average 85% of expectant women suffer food cravings during pregnancy? Apparently, the top 5 are: Pickles              5%  - yuk, that surprised me too. Cheese             11% - get those…

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP): Getting Sales people involved?

Dave Jordan Thu, Oct 10, 2013
Flying stopped being fun a long time ago. To travel even the shortest distance you have to check hours before the flight and then you seem to queue endlessly until you arrive at your destination. Security checks demand your coat, shoes, belt, false…

FMCG Developing & Emerging Markets (D&E): Invest properly for growth

Dave Jordan Tue, Oct 08, 2013
A number of years ago I was a science techie in a white laboratory coat trying to make detergent powder through non-standard methods - well somebody had to! After much trial and error an innovative solution was developed which resulted in…

FMCG/Pharma KPI Scorecard; Traffic Light Colours Explained

Dave Jordan Wed, Oct 02, 2013
Those of a certain age and a fondness for seriously daft comedy may recognise these lines from a Monty Python song. The full version is available here but this short section provides the general gist of the lyrical content quality: He likes traffic…

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