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FMCG Route To Market (RTM) Distribution: Where did I put my keys?

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 26, 2014
If you are male and own a car then you will have spoken these words at least once! If you do not have a dedicated place to hang your keys then they will be surely be misplaced at some stage. You might miss an important event, football match or at…

Supply and demand in Africa - it's a sport relief

Michael Thompson Tue, Mar 25, 2014
If like me, you watched some of Sport Relief last Friday night, you may have been left with a number of emotions. For those people outside of the UK not familiar with Sport Relief, it is a biannual event involving everyday folk, sports personalities…

FMCG/Pharmaceutical S&OP: Remove the fear from sales forecasting

Dave Jordan Thu, Mar 20, 2014
I think by now I have been exposed to around 100 different Sales & Operational Planning processes (S&OP) in sectors from FMCG to Pharmaceuticals to Agrochemicals. These processes have been global, regional and very much local-for-local processes in…

Supply Chain Interim Management & Consultancy – 7 Differences

Michael Thompson Mon, Mar 17, 2014
At Enchange, we have provided a many interim managers for clients over the years. I was discussing our supply chain interim management services with a client recently and she asked whether she should be hiring interim managers or consultants. We had…

Multi-Sector Integrated Business Planning/S&OP Summit: Going?

Dave Jordan Thu, Mar 13, 2014
How many times do you find this happening? Someone asks you if you saw that blockbuster film last week or if you saw the new comedy series starring Rowan Atkinson or even if you saw the football match last night where Manchester United finally…

Supply Chain Recognition: Enchange blog gets an Oscar – sort of!

Dave Jordan Tue, Mar 11, 2014
Recognition.  Everyone needs to feel a bit of warmth and appreciation at some stage at home and work or life can be a bit of a drudge. Recognition of an achievement or responsibility can take various forms. At school, recognition as the class Milk…

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