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FMCG Customer Service & Complaints: Why do you plan for failure?

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 28, 2013
Do you remember those long running TV advertising campaigns for probably/possibly the best lager/beer in the world? The specific advert from the UK that sticks in my mind is the one where Mr. Middle Manager is leaving the office for the evening when…

FMCG Logistics: Are you optimising trucking weight & volume capacity?

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 21, 2013
I crossed a border in Eastern Europe recently and although the private and car traffic sailed through without delay there were a surprising number of trucks parked in a snake on the approach roads. Both countries are in the EU so I guess someone was…

FMCG Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A):Why acquired brands fail to deliver

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 14, 2013
Let me get straight to the point on this one. Why do so many FMCG mrgers or acquisitions frequently result in the apparent death-knell of once proud and promising brands? I am not going to name any names but if you think about it there have been…

FMCG KPI/Balanced Scorecard or Monthly Data Dumping?

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 07, 2013
Last week was spent enjoying the weather in UK as I moved the heiress into her third new student house in 3 years.  This time the house has 9 – yes nine – residents which must make it a no go area for anyone above the age of 25 unless wearing…

Month end sales peaking is alive and well in FMCG/Pharma-land.

Dave Jordan Thu, Aug 01, 2013
Imagine Manchester United needed to score 5 goals in the last match of the season to win the English Premier League yet they do not start attacking with any intent until the 80th minute. Or the England cricket team needing to take 6 wickets to win a…

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