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Balanced Scorecard & Intensive Care Recovery KPIs

Dave Jordan Thu, Feb 28, 2013
On a daily basis the amount of care we give to the human body is remarkably little. When you are feeling good the best the body can hope for is a good wash, a brush of the teeth and a slap of moisturiser if you are a bit of a girly. What else?…

FMCG dummy QA recalls are not for dummies:Supply Chain Challenges

Dave Jordan Mon, Feb 25, 2013
The recent high profile cases of horsemeat DNA appearing in products marked as beef and other meats have generated a fair amount of humour but they also place great strain on FMCG Supply Chains. Thousands of Supply Chain professionals around the…

FMCG S&OP Leadership: has it gone to the dogs?

Dave Jordan Thu, Feb 21, 2013
If you live in or have visited Bucharest you may well have seen one or two stray dogs hanging around the city. Well, ok more than one or two but numbers have certainly decreased over the last couple of years. A proposal was made in 2010 to organise…

FMCG "Horse" Meat Producers: Quality Control or Quality Assurance?

Dave Jordan Mon, Feb 18, 2013
“After eating what he thought was a beef burger at a Shergar King outlet my friend was taken to a private hospital where he is now in a stable condition. While he has recovered well he has been saddled with an expensive invoice for medical services.…

FMCG Drinks & ugly vegetables Quality Assurance (QA) opportunities

Dave Jordan Thu, Feb 14, 2013
I note that the faceless suits in Brussels relaxed the laws on misshapen fruit and vegetables in 2009. The soaking the UK has received last “summer” has now seen supermarket chains further relax their standards on how fresh produce should appear. I…

Top Secret: Special Agent Assignment: Spamfall and S&OP

Dave Jordan Mon, Feb 11, 2013
Secret Agent Jon D Beams glided through the polished corridors of HQ. Reaching his destination door he knocked and entered at the same time and introduced himself as Beams, Jon D Beams. The swooning Miss Cashnickel smiled a Colgate smile and without…

“Lean” FMCG/Drinks factory operations mean excess manpower

Dave Jordan Mon, Feb 04, 2013
Back in the days when the only reality TV was live sport, a tablet got rid of your headache and a mobile was a normal phone with a longer cable, I used to run a large FMCG factory. Long before TPM was implemented the factory cost base was huge and…

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