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FMCG Supply Chains - For Whom the Bell Tolls in Romania?

Stefan Cucu Thu, Oct 30, 2014
We hadn’t seen R. in the last three years. Now this happened in the middle of the street and after the kisses and hugs, the usual ‘how do you do’ followed. People were pushing us angrily, a clear sign that we had to continue this conversation…

FMCG/Pharma: Sales time running out fast in Q4; load the trade?

Dave Jordan Wed, Oct 22, 2014
Like students cramming for examinations, a squirrel storing up acorns for dark, cold, winter hibernation or a politician telling all sorts of lies before an election, time is running out and that time is nigh for FMCG/Pharma CEO’s. If your business…

FMCG Supply Chains – What are the most important roles?

Dave Jordan Thu, Oct 16, 2014
I am often asked which job in the extended Supply Chain is the most important. For FMCG producers this may be the demand planner while for retail partners the key role could be innovation planning. I do have a view on this so park the question and…

FMCG 4th Quarter Sales Challenges - some things never change!

Dave Jordan Tue, Oct 14, 2014
I am not going to pretend I wrote this blog once again but when I came to sit down and look at the last quarter of the year I could not really see any difference from last year. The same challenges are clearly there and what is astonishing is that…

Supply Chain : When a bicycle is better than a Mercedes.

Stefan Cucu Tue, Oct 07, 2014
The summer of 2004. It was 3 weeks after I had changed the job and the company. It was a new (Supply Chain) position in an FMCG company with many people speaking native French. At that time, the mayor of Bucharest- the future Romanian president…

FMCG Retailers: Large chains v discounters. Time for a change?

Dave Jordan Wed, Oct 01, 2014
The municipality in Voluntari near Bucharest is not noted for its town planning excellence. Our local Silicone Valley of Str Erou Iancu Nicolae contains at least 11 education establishments. There should be no surprise at all that twice per day…

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