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7 Top Tips To Tip-Top Customer Service in FMCG, Drinks & Pharma

Dave Jordan Thu, Apr 28, 2011
Do FMCG, Drinks & Pharma Companies delude themselves on Customer Service? I think some may well be doing this and may or may not know it! Whatever service related KPI you measure the aim is designed to see how you are performing both internally and…

How Do Customers Perceive “Customer Service, Customer Care”?

Dave Jordan Thu, Apr 21, 2011
After two incidents (three really) of poor Customer Service on the same day I felt compelled to put fingers to keys and share the experience! All of you working in FMCG, Drinks or Pharma - amongst others – should look closely at how your Customer…

Top 10 Supply Chain New Year Resolutions: Making Progress?

Dave Jordan Tue, Apr 19, 2011
So, we have reached April and Q1 is already done and dusted; how were your results? Be honest, did you push, push, push to make last year’s final number and shoot yourself in the foot for Q1? From what I understand very few companies will have had a…

RTM. Hear Mungo Jerry sing about the World’s Greatest Drinks Salesman

Dave Jordan Thu, Apr 14, 2011
Everyone involved in selling any type of beverage looks forward to those hot, hot days of summer when the sun is shining and drinks are moving quickly off shelves and out of coolers. This is a time when sales people can relax a little and let the…

Job Opening: Supply Chain Director FMCG, Brewing, Pharmaceutical

Dave Jordan Tue, Apr 12, 2011
The majority of Supply Chain Director-level openings paint a picture of dynamic, forward thinking companies already operating at top performance and requiring you just to “keep the ball moving”. This is not always the case so I wonder how an advert…

Supply Chain and S&OP Convergence – Checking Compliance

Michael Thompson Thu, Apr 07, 2011
Why don’t people just do what they say they will do? This, in a nutshell, was the substance of a discussion I had last week with a senior supply chain executive of a Fortune 500 FMCG multinational. It is also similar to many conversations I have had…

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