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Guide to FMCG Supply Chain – Make Function

Dave Jordan Thu, May 20, 2021
Welcome to the Make edition of our FMCG supply chain guide, a centrally located room in the Enchange Supply Chain House. Previously we have looked at the Planning and Sourcing functions and those overview articles can be found here. The Make…

Improve Manufacturing Performance with Total Productive Maintenance

Dave Jordan Thu, Aug 23, 2018
When I first came across Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) I was sceptical of yet another ”blue sky” approach to pursuing manufacturing excellence. Surely, this would soon be replaced by the next set of buzz-word initials dreamed up by sharp-suited…

FMCG Co-packing and Re-packing Management

Dave Jordan Mon, Jul 30, 2018
Whether you call it co-packing or re-packing this involves the further manipulation of a previously finished and complete SKU. Look around the shelves and the evidence of extra expense and work is displayed by special stickers, multi-packs and…

7 Top Tips for Spare Parts Management in Factories

Dave Jordan Mon, Jun 04, 2018
Well, I find it strange anyway. Some very large companies spend countless hours and cash in finding and securing a third party logistic provider (3PLP) to take great care of their finished goods assets. The performance of the chosen 3PLP is then…

FMCG Manufacturing, Sourcing and the Ukraine-Russia Unrest

Dave Jordan Wed, Sep 24, 2014
The unrest – what a terrible BBC understatement that is – in Ukraine does not look to be going away in the near future and will possibly be hanging over us for considerably longer. The “unrest” is not localised and it obviously involves many other…

Improve Supply Chain Performance via Total Productive Maintenance

Dave Jordan Wed, Jun 25, 2014
When I first came across Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) I was sceptical of yet another ”blue sky” approach to pursuing manufacturing excellence. Surely, this would soon be replaced by the next set of buzz-word initials dreamed up by smart-suited…

FMCG/Pharma IT: The Supply Chain of the Future?

Dave Jordan Thu, May 23, 2013
Do you agree that Supply Chains seem to evolve very, very slowly? I cannot recall any major ground-breaking innovation in recent times. Yes, we have had bar-coding, RFID and S&OP etc but nothing that sticks out as significant or a major leap…

FMCG/Brewing/Pharma Factories : Manufacturing Golden Rules

Dave Jordan Thu, Apr 25, 2013
When I was managing an FMCG factory in Saudi Arabia one of the most frustrating challenges was the lack of factory capability understanding of Sales & Marketing colleagues and some detached Board members. People who have never worked in factories…

Supporting S&OP & pre-historic factory managers

Dave Jordan Thu, Mar 07, 2013
Back in the murky depths of time before the birth of humanity and Supply Chains, only dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Fighting and killing their way around the bubbling, steaming globe before an asteroid cut short their existence, allegedly. Sharks,…

“Lean” FMCG/Drinks factory operations mean excess manpower

Dave Jordan Mon, Feb 04, 2013
Back in the days when the only reality TV was live sport, a tablet got rid of your headache and a mobile was a normal phone with a longer cable, I used to run a large FMCG factory. Long before TPM was implemented the factory cost base was huge and…

5 Reasons to Improve FMCG Factory Performance in Recession

Dave Jordan Thu, Oct 11, 2012
There remains so much discussion and debate around planning, S&OP and APO etc that the “make” element of Supply Chain has not had much air time. Regional and global strategies are reasonably well represented but it is what is actually going on…

FMCG Regional & Global Manufacturing; Is the factory tide turning?

Dave Jordan Thu, Sep 20, 2012
This post on migration and return of retailers to the high street had me thinking about a similar effect in manufacturing. No, I don’t mean FMCG companies are now placing factories in towns and villages next to post offices and fast “food” outlets.…

FMCG Supply Chain - how green and environmentally friendly is yours?

Dave Jordan Wed, Apr 25, 2012
I have always thought it a little strange. The “green “ movement is all about saving the Earth yet the same colour is used for “green” house gases (GHG) that are far from green and moving us towards unavoidable planetary oblivion, apparently. Now,…

FMCG Supply Chain: 5 Top Tips to ease the pain of a factory closure

Dave Jordan Mon, Apr 23, 2012
Never easy. Never pleasant. Never going to happen? Never believe your factory is safe! From a UK perspective if you had a job in a factory in the 1970’s you expected to have a job for life as long as you kept your nose clean and performed…

Get your FMCG Balkan Supply Chain ready for EU accession

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 21, 2012
The EU has not welcomed any new member states since Bulgaria and Romania joined the club in 2007 but there is quite a queue knocking on the door and expecting the ok over the next few years. The hopefuls include a number of Southern European Balkan…

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