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FMCG Supply Chain: Do you use data or information?

Dave Jordan Thu, Aug 27, 2015
Who coined “Big Data”? How did we get there without normal sized data, slightly larger data, chubby data and bordering on big data? People working in or associated with Supply Chains seem obsessed by data yet data itself actually tells you nothing.…

FMCG Drinks Route to Market – let’s get fizzical in CEE

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 19, 2015
In a past life I ran the Supply Chain for an FMCG company in the 6 Gulf Co-Operation Council (GCC) countries plus Yemen in the Middle East. The Distribution model was one different legal entity per territory even for the largest market of Saudi…

FMCG Performance Scorecard: Not seeing the wood for the trees!

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 12, 2015
When travelling, my personal preference is to take only one plane to my final destination. I know this is more expensive than journeys with connections but I find it a much better overall experience. Of course, sometimes I do have to transit and I…

FMCG Supply Chain Scorecard Performance Measurement: Del-Boy Style....

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 05, 2015
In a related post I took a look at the use of Balanced Scorecards in FMCG, Brewing and Pharmaceutical businesses but in fact they are entirely appropriate for any business. Whatever your business size or offering you will benefit from knowing…

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