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We are passionate about Route to Market and supply chain management and we are delighted to share our thoughts with you. We would like to hear from you too, so please comment on our posts or contact us.

Is S&OP Really Necessary? Integrated Supply Chain Planning

Michael Thompson Tue, Nov 30, 2010
From Monty Python to S&OP and integrated supply chain planning in one blog.  The next instalment ....  Dear Mike I thought that you were joking when you said my email would make a great series of articles about integrated supply chain planning.…

The Top 10 Smash Hits of FMCG Supply Chains (with a twist)

Dave Jordan Wed, Nov 24, 2010
This week we take a tongue-in-cheek look at the Supply Chain charts. I Want My ERP – Sting is at number 10 with his classic need for a decent ERP system to support your business. Avoid off the shelf solutions as they rarely work in the long run.…

What has S&OP ever done for us?

Michael Thompson Mon, Nov 22, 2010
  Inspired by Monty Python’s film “Life of Brian” ... What have the Romans ever done for us?  And one of our consultants ..... "What has S&OP ever done for us? ...said Reginald the (very frustrated) CEO at the annual operational review meeting.…

Enchange, Supply Chain, Route to Market, Distribution, S&OP, ...

Michael Thompson Fri, Nov 19, 2010
Sorry, this blog has nothing to do with any of the above. It is everything to do with Friday afternoon & a bit of fun.   We had a meeting today about how to improve our blogging & some whit suggested that if we were really serious about increasing…

7 Reasons why 100% Customer Service Does Not Help Your FMCG Business

Dave Jordan Fri, Nov 19, 2010
Nobody doubts the difficult market conditions we find ourselves in. Every single company is trying its hardest to take their share of a diminishing consumer purse to meet their targets. In reality, not everyone can achieve their annual numbers but…

Why does S&M cause so much pain in FMCG businesses?

Dave Jordan Mon, Nov 15, 2010
No, honestly this is a blog about Supply Chain! Those seeking advice on leather and chains should return to Google now. Within an FMCG business are there any people lacking more in structure, discipline and planning as Sales and Marketing…

7 Steps to destock FMCG Distributors in CEE

Dave Jordan Tue, Nov 09, 2010
Yes, it is difficult. You have already "sold" the stock and paid out and received sales bonuses based on sales targets. The fact is that although the stock may have left your books it has not really been sold. The ownership of the goods has changed…

The Top 10 Smash Hits of Warehousing & Logistics

Dave Jordan Tue, Nov 09, 2010
Hello pop pickers, this weeks’ top 10 smash hits in this important but often forgotten part of the Supply Chain. At number 10 is All Systems Go by Donna Summer – Do not cut costs on your WMS and avoid any untried local “specials”. Make sure all…

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