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We are passionate about Route to Market and supply chain management and we are delighted to share our thoughts with you. We would like to hear from you too, so please comment on our posts or contact us.

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FMCG Supply Chain - how green and environmentally friendly is yours?

Dave Jordan Wed, Apr 25, 2012
I have always thought it a little strange. The “green “ movement is all about saving the Earth yet the same colour is used for “green” house gases (GHG) that are far from green and moving us towards unavoidable planetary oblivion, apparently. Now,…

FMCG Logistics, Transport, Trucks and Yorkie Bars

Dave Jordan Mon, Apr 16, 2012
“I like trucking, I like trucking, I like trucking and I like to truck.” Those of you who have not been on the planet very long and people who like hedgehogs will not be familiar with this Not The 9 O’clock News ditty from the UK in 1979-82. The…

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