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Why you need to study your Manufacturing Factory Footprint

Dave Jordan Wed, Jun 29, 2011
The sharp, customer end of the extended supply chain continues to receive attention as companies implement and hone S&OP and RTM-style programmes. The multiple drivers include cost of course, but also customer service and a desire not to be out of…

FMCG, Pharma, Brewing Co-packing and Re-Packing Management

Dave Jordan Tue, May 17, 2011
Whether you call it co-packing or re-packing this involves the further manipulation of a finished and complete sku. Look around the shelves and the evidence of extra expense and work is displayed by special stickers, multi-packs and banded…

FMCG Complexity: Factory Efficiency versus Operating Company Cost

Dave Jordan Thu, Mar 03, 2011
Initiatives such as 6-Sigma and TPM have helped producers towards optimised output from their manufacturing networks. Line changeovers are carried out with Grand Prix slickness. Packaging components have been harmonised and rationalised. Output…

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