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Santa & Opening Presents - Christmas S&OP For Parents

Dave Jordan Fri, Dec 15, 2017
“Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh…” How many of you started to sing then? Yes, the festive period is fast approaching and the biggest and best supply chain in the world is almost ready to activate. This is always the most…

Relieve your FMCG pain - secure Interim Supply Chain Support

Dave Jordan Wed, May 10, 2017
I know you are busy. Not enough hours in the day. Deadlines rapidly approaching. Your children call you Uncle Dad or Auntie Mum. Before the stress takes its inevitable toll think about relieving the pressure without adding to head count. Why s…

Supply Chains – A second look: What do all those initials really mean?

Dave Jordan Wed, Feb 08, 2017
In common with many business functions Supply Chains adopt multiple initials and/or acronyms to describe various tasks and processes they manage on a daily basis. Those not familiar with SC-speak will often sit bemused as various initials are quoted…

Santa & Opening Presents - S&OP is Invaluable at Christmas

Dave Jordan Fri, Dec 09, 2016
“Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh…” How many of you started to sing then? Yes, the festive period is fast approaching and the biggest and best Supply Chain in the world is almost ready to activate. This is always the most…

FMCG CEE Logistics; Transport, Trucks and Yorkie Bars

Dave Jordan Wed, Oct 21, 2015
“I like trucking, I like trucking, I like trucking and I like to truck.” Those of you who have not been on this planet very long and people who like hedgehogs will not be familiar with this Not The 9 O’clock News sketch from 1970’s UK TV. In short,…

FMCG: Will retailing the Amazon way see off the discounters?

Dave Jordan Wed, Oct 14, 2015
Romania has not yet bought into online FMCG supermarket retailing in a big way. There have been some trials, tribulations and a few errors but online retailing here is this nothing like on the scale seen in UK, for example. As a tourist in…

FMCG:Top 10 Smash Hits of Warehousing & Logistics

Dave Jordan Wed, May 20, 2015
Hello pop pickers, here is this weeks’ top 10 smash hits in this important but often forgotten part of the FMCG Supply Chain. At number 10 is All Systems Go by Donna Summer – Do not cut costs on your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and avoid any…

FMCG: New Top Ten Supply Chain Improvement Resolutions for 2015

Dave Jordan Wed, Jan 07, 2015
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein How many of you will be reaching for an electric cigarette or giving up smoking altogether for the New Year?  How long will it be before visits to…

FMCG 3PLP Outsource Tendering in CEE - Top 7 Hazards

Dave Jordan Wed, Nov 26, 2014
This process can be straight forward but a little extra care and knowledge will ensure you achieve the best solution for your business. Just a quick reality check, do you really need to outsource? Before embarking on a complicated tender are you…

Supply Chain : When a bicycle is better than a Mercedes.

Stefan Cucu Tue, Oct 07, 2014
The summer of 2004. It was 3 weeks after I had changed the job and the company. It was  a new (Supply Chain) position in an FMCG company with many people speaking native French. At that time, the mayor of Bucharest- the future Romanian president…

FMCG Stock Shrinkage happens in the best run operations, even yours!

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 13, 2014
My colleague Stefan Cucu recently wrote on the subject of stock shrinkage in coolers located in HORECA outlets in Romania. One of the points he made warned Supply Chain professionals about the likelihood of stock shrinkage anywhere along the chain.…

FMCG Producers: The important role of motorway network infrastructure

Dave Jordan Wed, May 21, 2014
The human heart. Unless you are a little bit dead or a politician we all have one beating away inside. Thinking a little out of the box, what an excellent supply chain the heart is! Oxygenated blood is pumped through arteries around the body in just…

FMCG Meets Top Gear: IKA Store to Shelf Supply Chain: Last 50 Yards

Dave Jordan Wed, May 14, 2014
FMCG and Brewing producers amongst many others, carefully pack their products to meet exacting requirements for International Key Account (IKA) and Local Key Account (LKA) customers. Increasingly this includes specially collated and shrink-wrapped…

Is this the most perfect FMCG or Pharma or Drinks Supply Chain ever?

Dave Jordan Tue, Apr 01, 2014
I will not reveal the name of the organisation for obvious reasons but their Supply Chain is one very impressive, slick machine. Across the Source, Plan, Make and Deliver Supply Chain disciplines we can see excellence and leading edge systems and…

FMCG/Pharma Supply Chain: Much more than source, plan, make & deliver

Dave Jordan Tue, Sep 10, 2013
What supply chains are meant to do has been very well documented but source, plan, make deliver disciplines are the core activities. Add in a potential warehousing and logistics role and if the company is forward thinking, a customer logistics role…

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