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What has S&OP ever done for us? A great deal actually ...

Posted by Michael Thompson on Fri, Dec 17, 2010

Is S&OP really necesarry?From Monty Python to S&OP via integrated supply chain planning to forecasting and related issues, and a conclusion shared by our two protagonists that S&OP is not really necessary, we received the following in our mailbag ...

Dear Mike,

I have been following your blog series “What has S&OP ever done for us” and the debate between your CEO Reginald and Head of Supply Chain Development, Jacek.

How can this be a debate when both parties share the same view, albeit for entirely different reasons?  Furthermore I suspect that Reginald & Jacek do not share a common view of what S&OP actually is.

I am a CEO who has implemented S&OP in several of the companies in which I have led.  S&OP works.  And it works well if, and only if, the boss drives it and is seen to drive it.  So to answer the question you have posed – What has S&OP ever done for us?  A great deal for the companies I have run.

I accept some of the technical arguments that Jacek is using.  However, he also describes ‘supply chain life’ somewhat from an idealistic point of view.

I am afraid that your blogs are in danger of dismissing S&OP as aged and irrelevant. It is not. 

I wonder if you would allow me to share my views and join your debate.

Yours sincerely


CEO (Brewing Multinational, name withheld by request)


Dear Anne

Many thanks for your letter.

I agree with you.  Although Jacek makes a strong case, my experience of 100’s of S&OP implementations is that S&OP can have a dramatic impact on supply chain and overall company operations.

You are most welcomed to join our next debate in the series.

Yours sincerely

Mike (Moderator)

Does anyone else wish to contribute?  Please do share your thoughts & experiences regarding S&OP and Integrated Supply Chain Planning.

More to come ....


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