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Logistics Outsource Tendering in CEE - Top 7 Hazards

Dave Jordan Wed, Nov 16, 2016
This process can be straight forward but a little extra care and knowledge will ensure you achieve the best warehousing and/or transport solution for your business. Just a quick reality check, do you need to outsource? Before embarking on a…

FMCG:Top 10 Smash Hits of Warehousing & Logistics

Dave Jordan Wed, May 20, 2015
Hello pop pickers, here is this weeks’ top 10 smash hits in this important but often forgotten part of the FMCG Supply Chain. At number 10 is All Systems Go by Donna Summer – Do not cut costs on your Warehouse Management System (WMS) and avoid any…

FMCG's Working With 3PLP’s - Shrinking the "shrinkage" problem.

Dave Jordan Wed, Apr 22, 2015
People over a certain age talk about times when they could leave their front doors open or when you found money on the pavement and took it to a police station. Long-gone days, sadly. Nowadays, if you leave your front door open all you belongings…

FMCG CEO 2014 Letter to Santa Claus (aka Father Christmas)

Dave Jordan Thu, Dec 11, 2014
Dear Santa, I have been a very good FMCG CEO this year, I promise. If you want, you can check with my shareholders. They know how good I have been this year. Apart from the out of stocks of course, oh and the little mistake where we had to write…

FMCG 3PLP Outsource Tendering in CEE - Top 7 Hazards

Dave Jordan Wed, Nov 26, 2014
This process can be straight forward but a little extra care and knowledge will ensure you achieve the best solution for your business. Just a quick reality check, do you really need to outsource? Before embarking on a complicated tender are you…

Opening a new FMCG/Pharma warehouse? Top Ten Tips to success

Dave Jordan Wed, Nov 05, 2014
I suppose it’s inevitable with age. Everything starts to fall apart eventually and it is amazing how it creeps up on you. You remember giggling silently when someone of a certain age walked in to a room and could not remember why or what they are…

FMCG Logistics: Are you optimising trucking weight & volume capacity?

Dave Jordan Wed, Aug 21, 2013
I crossed a border in Eastern Europe recently and although the private and car traffic sailed through without delay there were a surprising number of trucks parked in a snake on the approach roads. Both countries are in the EU so I guess someone was…

FMCG 3PLP partnerships: A happy marriage? Avoid divorce.

Dave Jordan Thu, Nov 01, 2012
Marriage is quite a project, isn’t it? You take a look at what is on the market and get to know a few possibilities. You may search for a long time to find the right partner who will sweep you off your feet and eventually carry you over the…

FMCG, Brewing & Pharmaceuticals: Try sharing 3PLPs

Dave Jordan Mon, Oct 15, 2012
The proposal by the UK and other Commonwealth governments to share diplomatic missions and facilities around the world is perhaps initially surprising but for once in the world of diplomacy, it makes great sense. When most of the activities taking…

Space Constraints in a 3PLP FMCG/Pharma Warehouse

Dave Jordan Tue, Jul 24, 2012
Possibly the most jaw-dropping and least welcome question I will ever hear. A question that brings me to the depths of despair certainly, rapidly and without warning. A question that is worse than being asked to appear on Big Brother – well almost.…

Managing Supply Chain Expectations via Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Dave Jordan Mon, Jun 04, 2012
If you don’t agree on what is expected between two parties before you start a relationship then anything but success is likely. You buy a new car and you get a contract that tells you what is covered by the guarantee and for how long in time or in…

CEE Logistics 3PLP Tendering: Elvis Presley Sings Sense

Dave Jordan Thu, May 17, 2012
Last week we watched a show featuring an Elvis Presley impersonator/tribute artist. We saw the usual early Elvis leather jacket look followed by the gaudy Las Vegas fancy dress outfit. Vocally, he was a very good match to recordings but not sure how…

FMCG Logistics, Transport, Trucks and Yorkie Bars

Dave Jordan Mon, Apr 16, 2012
“I like trucking, I like trucking, I like trucking and I like to truck.” Those of you who have not been on the planet very long and people who like hedgehogs will not be familiar with this Not The 9 O’clock News ditty from the UK in 1979-82. The…

Recession affects FMCG warehouse capacity in CEE / Romania

Dave Jordan Wed, Feb 22, 2012
The car bounced over the dirt road of potholes and approached the expansive, looming warehouse building that was once so full of life and bustling activity. Paper and plastic fast–food litter gathered up by the breeze blew across the distribution…

Top 10 Recession Busting Supply Chain Resolutions for 2013

Dave Jordan Mon, Jan 23, 2012
This seems like déjà-vue all over again! Only a handful of working days into the New Year and I am hearing the same old complaints about the economy and business in general being poor. Of course this is true and does not look like changing any time…

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