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Communicating FMCG Supply Chain Change; Music to your SC ears?

Posted by Dave Jordan on Tue, Jul 02, 2013

From personal experience I know how difficult it can be to enable sustainable change in the extended Supply Chain.  Communicating change is hard enough but actually seeing it happen and being maintained is a tough task for most companies. Even though life and technology change almost daily there is still an in-built barrier in many people to doing something differently after doing a particular job another way for several years.

Endless slick presentations and training courses quickly numb people and they eventually pay lip service to the new way of working. So what can you do to get the doubters in line and engaged with you on your Supply Chain journey of change? Song and verse; no, honestly!

Musical blogs S&OP RTM SC IT resized 600Rather than persevering with the glossy PowerPoint slides why not present the need for and benefit of change in a way far removed from the normal training materials?  Take a look at some of these innovative ways of communicating change in extended Supply Chain operations.

Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP)

Shakespeare, yes the famous Bard helps us understand the pitfalls of not having a living S&OP process in place.

Village People tell us why S&OP is important, why it is not a Supply Chain problem and why sales forecasting is important.

Ultravox get all moody and show us how CEO’s feel when they fail to appreciate the value of S&OP.


ABBA advises us on the benefits of using IT like APO to best advantage in business battles.

The Beatles quietly warn us on the continued use of spreadsheets instead of available ERPs.

Route To Market (RTM)

Madness help us understand the wisdom of working with distributors as true partners in Traditional Trade markets.

Mungo Jerry strums through the importance of drinks producers being ready for the arrival of the world’s greatest salesman.

The Beatles again, this time urging beer producers to be ready for the summer season.

Try a few of these out and see if they break the ice with people who find the boring cascaded presentations and briefings far too serious.

Find out more about how Enchange lives up to its name and ENables CHANGE by clicking here.

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane at freedigitalphotos.net

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