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The 7 Typical Mistakes Made During UK FMCG Wholesale Market Entry

Andy Dixon Tue, Jul 12, 2022
Inevitably things don’t always go to plan, and no one can predict everything and the UK Wholesale Market is no different, in fact giving its scale and variety, you should expect bumps in the road. It is then about how you react and adapt, but…

Understanding Your Interim Management Needs – 3 Key Considerations

Michael Thompson Wed, Jul 06, 2022
I have written about supply chain and route to market interim management recently. In discussions with clients, the following theme often arisess: “We are very busy … Too busy to make progress ... I suspect that we need some additional support in…

Regain Control of Your Product Portfolio

Ratib Ratib Wed, Jul 06, 2022
Through product rationalization, regain control of your product portfolio and become more profitable & competitive. Do you really need SKU rationalisation now? Do you think that substantial portion of your products do not contribute enough to your…

5 Reasons to Consider Refillable PET Bottles in Africa

Dumisani Siziba Fri, Jul 01, 2022
Responsible Beverage makers are always looking for sustainable packaging solutions that are not only cost-effective but environmentally friendly. Soft Drink and Beer Companies normally use 3 types of packaging i.e., cans, plastic bottles, and glass…

Now is the Right Time to Restructure Your Distribution Network

Ratib Ratib Thu, Jun 30, 2022
Supply chain complexities are increasing. Shifting customer demands & habits, expanding business, and rising cost pressures are the key drivers for restructuring needs of your distribution networks. Customer demands are shifting rapidly. The share…

10 Key Success Factors for UK Wholesale FMCG Market Entry

Andy Dixon Wed, Jun 29, 2022
My first observation is what do You as a supplier mean by UK Wholesale, two short words but a lot to unpick – being structured is key and understanding where you want focus, what that means and where you have the right to win is critical. Who is…

Do I really need S&OP? 3 Questions to Answer

Michael Thompson Thu, May 05, 2022
There was an excellent article from McKinsey published on 2 March 2022 entitled: “Autonomous supply chain planning for consumer goods companies” It contained the strap line: “Rethink Traditional Processes”. Based on research undertaken in Asia with…

3 Ways to Fast Track Distributor Performance in Africa

Michael Thompson Tue, May 03, 2022
With little overall growth expected in a number of African markets in 2022, the battle ground will likely be for market share. With this in mind, how do we ensure that we are best placed to win these battles? Given that most sales in African markets…

Route to Market & Supply Chain Interim Management - Top 3 Positions

Michael Thompson Fri, Apr 29, 2022
Recently I wrote about 10 Times you need Route to Market or Supply Chain Interim Managers. I had an excellent response and have since been talking to clients and Enchange colleagues. The discussions have centred around where the need for interim…

10 Times You Need Route to Market or Supply Chain Interim Managers

Michael Thompson Fri, Apr 15, 2022
I have been talking to a number of commercial and supply chain executives during the last few weeks and something of a theme has emerged. The theme is the need for highly skilled route to market / commercial and supply chain resource, available at…

End to End Supply Chain: 7 Top Tips for Action Now!

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 30, 2022
In the Four Frequent Flaws series we have looked at the entire supply chain right up to the consumer shelf, i.e. the Enchange 6-Part Model. What can go wrong, what can go right, what can I change quickly? FMCG CEOs are asking what they can do now…

FMCG Reaching the Consumer Shelf: 4 Frequent Flaws to Avoid

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 23, 2022
Nearly there! The last step of the Enchange 6-part model when you finally get your product on the shelf. Actually, you do not do it yourself but you rely on Shane from the retailer back of store. How can you ensure Shane does an excellent job? We…

FMCG Transport: 4 Frequent Flaws to Avoid

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 16, 2022
Supply chains have had a torrid time over the last 2 years and just when you think COVID is dissipating, Putin kicks off! One of the problems faced by senior leaders seeking performance improvement is that it takes an age to get going and it all…

FMCG Warehousing: 4 Frequent Flaws to Avoid

Dave Jordan Thu, Mar 10, 2022
Need a change in your supply chain performance now? One of the problems faced by senior leaders seeking performance improvement is that it all seems to take far too long. While transformational structural changes cannot be rushed, there are several…

FMCG Manufacturing: 4 Frequent Flaws to Avoid

Dave Jordan Wed, Mar 02, 2022
One of the problems faced by senior leaders seeking performance improvement is that it all seems to take far too long. While structural changes cannot be rushed, there are many initiatives you can take to make changes in your supply chain. What can…

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