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Regional & Global FMCG S&OP - Critical Success Factors

Posted by Christian Cusworth on Mon, Jul 12, 2010

The following blogs will address key points of consideration when embarking on a regional or global S&OP implementation. Part one covers the areas of End Market commitment & ownership and Process Design.

End Market commitment & ownership:

  • End Market ExCos tend to be sceptical about these type of programmes especially as they fundamentally impact their role & (perceived) power.
  • The GMs can make or break the programme.
  • Programmes tend to need a ‘sell’, NOT a ‘tell’ approach.
  • End Market team engagement are always critical.
  • The initial message from HQ will be very important in establishing realistic expectations.

 Process Design:

  • Keep it simple at ‘Cluster’ level – e.g. process outline, roles definitions and key dates.
  • Standardisation – key is the establishment of regional (e.g. European) key ‘process parameters’ with local End Market interpretation and ‘reasonable’ boundaries.  Keep the rules robust and to a minimum.
  • Procedural level – use development of these at End Market level as an opportunity to develop local ownership with local teams


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