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FMCG CEO Gift: Implement S&OP this Christmas – Slade style.

Dave Jordan Tue, Dec 09, 2014
Christmas is coming around quickly so who better than Noddy Holder and Slade to suggest you give a Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP) process to your business as a present. This Christmas song has been heard at Christmas every year since 1973! If…

(FMCG) Friendly Man Carrying Gifts & (RTM) Reindeer To Market

Dave Jordan Tue, Dec 02, 2014
Client:    Santa Claus aka Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, St Nick Market: Most of the World Scope: Reindeer To Market (RTM) Distribution Deliverable: Evaluation of RTM against sector benchmarks Summary of Evaluation Click here to enlarge   The…

Communication & more communication gives S&OP a fighting chance

Dave Jordan Wed, Feb 05, 2014
Ok, here we go again on another merry-go-round of Supply Chain stretch, strife, strain but hopefully success. All the decorations should be back in their boxes by now. The lights where the red set doesn’t flash and the white set that only work when…

FMCG: Why do Chocolate Producers struggle at Christmas & Easter?

Dave Jordan Wed, Jan 08, 2014
Post Christmas I have been taking a look at International Key Account retailers and seeing how they are coping in the current economic squeeze. One question came to me after seeing well over 20 outlets of various retailers. What do they all do with…

FMCG/Pharma Route To Market (RTM) & Jingle Bells

Dave Jordan Thu, Dec 19, 2013
Why not make sure your festivities don’t fizzle out as soon as January sales numbers arrive. Get into the spirit of Route To Market (RTM) Distribution right now with our take on Jingle Bells! Why are sales so low? I don’t know what to say We expect…

The Twelve Days of Supply Chain

Dave Jordan Wed, Dec 18, 2013
On the first day of Christmas, Enchange gave to me  A robust S&OP.  On the second day of Christmas,  Enchange gave to me  Two fine consultants,  And a robust S&OP. On the third day of Christmas,  Enchange gave to me  An ERP go-live, Two fine…

RTM New Year Sales Tactics for Electronics & Telecoms Producers

Dave Jordan Thu, Dec 05, 2013
The year-end Christmas rush is about to gear up once more. Despite the ropey economic conditions people will still find ways to spend as much money as possible – that they don’t have - over the holiday build up and the inevitable “everything must…

Quarter 4 Opportunities for FMCG, Brewing and Pharma Companies

Dave Jordan Thu, Sep 27, 2012
Hold on a minute, how did we get to this time in the year? I know time appears to hasten as you grow older but this year has flown by. One minute we were eagerly awaiting the Olympics and now we heading directly into a northern hemisphere winter and…

Santa & Opening Presents - S&OP Putting the Elves in their place

Dave Jordan Mon, Dec 13, 2010
Dear Mr. K Ite, Thank you for your very short note highlighting some minor points; I can see you are a little aggrieved. On behalf of Santa I will attempt to minimise your apparent unease with the S&OP process in the context of the small print in…

Santa & Opening Presents, S&OP the Elves Respond

Michael Thompson Thu, Dec 09, 2010
Dear Santa, I refer to the recent blog article, "Santa & Opening Presents; Why S&OP is Invaluable at Christmas". As I mentioned in the consultation process just prior to S&OP implementation, I was prepared on behalf of our members to support the…

Santa & Opening Presents - Why S&OP is Invaluable at Christmas

Dave Jordan Mon, Dec 06, 2010
“Dashing through the snow In a one horse open sleigh…” How many of you actually started to sing then? Yes, the festive period is fast approaching and the biggest and best Supply Chain in the world is almost ready to activate. There is no way Santa…

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