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FMCG/Brewing/Pharma CEO Performance Appraisal

Posted by Dave Jordan on Wed, Oct 24, 2012

FMCG/Brewing/Pharma CEO Performance Appraisal

Name: This Couldbeyou

Location: Anywhere

Role: CEO

Sector: FMCG/Brewing/Pharmaceutical

Summary of Performance

The local economy continues to struggle in the difficult global economic climate and perhaps consequently contributed to the annual results being below expectations. However, they were so far below expectations – and your commitment - that the economic conditions cannot be the only factor. The business was growing in price and volume terms - albeit low single digit -  so there was some momentum on which to build. The anticipated shift from Traditional Trade (TT) to International Key Accounts (IKA) did not materialise and in fact company performance was lower than last year in both channels and in all categories where we are present.

Major disruption has been caused by your failure to plan the ERP implementation and post go-live ramp up in sufficient detail. Roles and responsibilities were not clear and some of our top operators were simply not led. The organisational structure remained unchanged after the new ERP go-live and this is a clear error of judgment and ignorance.

Your company has paid lip-service to Sales & Operational Planning (S&OP).  This is the agreed global approach towards operational excellence yet the regional audit revealed that S&OP was not actually on the agenda of the top team and was considered a Supply Chain problem. In times of trouble the least you should be doing is implementing global strategy on time, in full and without debate.

This leads me nicely onto in-market execution. Our brands have simply not been available in sufficient quantities when consumers are ready to make a purchase. A Customer Service Level – our measure and not the stricter retailer measure – of 90% indicates a clear failing and incompetence in the approach to Route To Market (RTM).

You inherited a slowly growing business but the past 12 months have seen volume and value drop to the level of 3 years previously and you know this is not good enough. You also know I cannot allow this negative slide to continue unabated.

Development Plan

Areas for Development:

ERPThe organisation structure needs revising urgently to ensure roles, responsibilities and skills match the requirements of the new ERP.

S&OP – Rigorously implement S&OP, ensure this is the only business process in the company and you are visibly seen to be the leader.

RTM – Understand the IKA/TT trend dynamics in detail and assess your RTM network efficiency for capability to support agreed plans.     


RTM and S&OP integration e-book

Own Comments

I would like to return this business to sustainable growth before moving to lead a larger operation.

Career Planning – Company View

The kindest comment I can make is “let’s not go there now”.

Appraisee: This Couldbeyou


Appraisor: Mr Unhappy



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