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Balanced Scorecard Performance Measurement: Del-Boy Style

Posted by Dave Jordan on Fri, Mar 16, 2012

In a recent post  I took a brief look at the use of Balanced Scorecards in FMCG, Brewing and Pharmaceutical businesses but in fact they are entirely appropriate for any business. Whatever your business size or offering you will benefit from knowing exactly what is going on and where you need to improve.

For once I can name a specific company in this blog. Trotters Independent Traders is a well known UK operation involved in general trading and “knocking stuff out”. This very flexible company is run by 2 entrepreneurial brothers with occasional “help” from a family elder statesman. They operate from an exclusive high-rise accommodation suite and while they are not yet super rich, “this time next year we’ll be millionaires“ is their mantra. This is how the Trotters KPI Balanced Scorecard might look.

KPI Example copy resized 600

With a quick glance you can see who is being a dip-stick and who is playing a blinder.

Cushty, you know it makes sense.

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