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Supply Chain Blog Enchange Oscars - and the Winner is...

Posted by Michael Thompson on Tue, Mar 08, 2011

Lest we were caught up in the furore of the Hollywood version, it is now time to announce the winners of the inaugural Enchange Supply Chain Blog Oscars.

Without further ado:

  1. Best Route to Market Blog – goes to Evaluate your FMCG Route to Market Distributor Network
  2. Best Sales & Operational Planning Blog – goes to Top 6 Critical Success Factors of S&OP in Africa
  3. Best Supply Chain in Africa Blog – goes to The Challenges of FMCG Supply Chain & Route to Market in West Africa
  4. Best Supply Chain in Central & Eastern Europe Blog – goes to 7 Ways to avoid overstocking FMCG distributors in CEE
  5. Light Entertainment Category – goes to The Top 10 Smash Hits of FMCG Route to Market Distribution
  6. Best Adaptation of a Supply Chain Theme – goes to Santa & Opening Presents - Why S&OP is Invaluable at Christmas

And finally:

Supply Chain Blog of the Year is Top Ten FMCG Supply Chain New Year Resolutions for 2011

Thank you to all our readers who have voted.  Enchange has made a donation of GBP 1 pound to our supported charities in Kenya & Romania.

supply chain blog oscar 2011

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