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Top 10 Signs Your Route To Market Distribution Programme Worked!

Posted by Dave Jordan on Fri, Jan 14, 2011

So you evaluated your distribution network and wait to see the promised results? What changed?

  1. You are selling more volume - no, not sales in but real Sales Out – and your bottom line looks far healthier.
  2. Your Distributors bring well thought-out and financially sound volume generating ideas that you adopt.
  3. Growth from the Traditional Trade channel is higher than in International Key Accounts.
  4. You don’t have crisis meetings with Distributors
  5. Distributor operations are firmly linked into your S&OP process.
  6. Your stock levels and charge on working capital are lower and stay low.
  7. Your sales teams say good things about your Distributors.
  8. You have more time for real value added work, e.g. directing Sales instead of fire-fighting.
  9. Distributors reach targets, take their reward and say “thank you”. They may even suggest a more stretching reward scheme!
  10. You get home early to see the kids at night!

What are you waiting for?

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