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Supply Chain Recognition: Enchange blog gets an Oscar – sort of!

Posted by Dave Jordan on Tue, Mar 11, 2014

Recognition.  Everyone needs to feel a bit of warmth and appreciation at some stage at home and work or life can be a bit of a drudge. Recognition of an achievement or responsibility can take various forms. At school, recognition as the class Milk Monitor was keenly sought after. (UK readers born after 1971 are thinking if a Milk Monitor was a computer screen launched before Apple Inc got their act together with the Mac.)

What a responsibility and also a position of peer power? As Milk Monitor you were able to ensure you got a milk carton from the bottom of the stack that was still cold rather than a warm one from the top of the pile.  Similarly, you were able to decide who received the expired carton saved from last week and hidden behind a radiator. Would I do that?

While the UK’s honours system is raft with cronyism and political gifting there are always some names fully deserving of an award and the opportunity to meet a member of the British Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. This could be the “Lollipop Man” who has helped children cross a busy street for 25 years or one of the many selfless charity workers who are dedicated to causes that the government should pay for anyway.

A footballer who has scored a hat-trick of goals in a thumping win and is then substituted to loud and warm applause surely deserves that moment in the spotlight. However, this should not apply to Wayne Rooney. A reported GBP300,000 per week for a maximum of 2 matches is outrageous. If we assume a 40 hour week – which is not the case – Wazza is picking up GBP7500 per hour and what’s more, he gets paid whether he plays or not, how badly he performs and even if he is suspended. They way he plays sometimes, makes me think he should be suspended from something!

Enchange Blog voted in top 50 resized 600Anyway, I digress. The theme of this blog is all about recognition and thanks to you, our readers and subscribers; we have had a bit of recognition ourselves. The Enchange blog has been voted one of the top 5O Supply Chain blogs in the world by SupplychainOpz.com – click on this link to see the full list.

I really do not mind if the Enchange blog was rated number 1 or 50 but the simple fact it has been recognised as a source of good Supply Chain stuff is great news. So a big thank you to all our readers, subscribers and referrers and we look forward to keeping you trained and entertained on all things Supply Chain.

I think it is time for a celebratory glass of something. No, not milk.

Image courtesy of pixtawan at freedigitalphotos.net

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