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Is S&OP Necessary? The Jury Is Out …

Michael Thompson Mon, Sep 12, 2022
I would like to present the Story of MANCO, a manufacturing-based FMCG Multinational Organisation. The organisation is currently struggling with various aspects of their supply chain. Part of the Senior Management Team are: Xavier – Chief Executive…

Understanding Your Interim Management Needs – 3 Key Considerations

Michael Thompson Wed, Jul 06, 2022
I have written about supply chain and route to market interim management recently. In discussions with clients, the following theme often arisess: “We are very busy … Too busy to make progress ... I suspect that we need some additional support in…

Do I really need S&OP? 3 Questions to Answer

Michael Thompson Thu, May 05, 2022
There was an excellent article from McKinsey published on 2 March 2022 entitled: “Autonomous supply chain planning for consumer goods companies” It contained the strap line: “Rethink Traditional Processes”. Based on research undertaken in Asia with…

3 Ways to Fast Track Distributor Performance in Africa

Michael Thompson Tue, May 03, 2022
With little overall growth expected in a number of African markets in 2022, the battle ground will likely be for market share. With this in mind, how do we ensure that we are best placed to win these battles? Given that most sales in African markets…

Route to Market & Supply Chain Interim Management - Top 3 Positions

Michael Thompson Fri, Apr 29, 2022
Recently I wrote about 10 Times you need Route to Market or Supply Chain Interim Managers. I had an excellent response and have since been talking to clients and Enchange colleagues. The discussions have centred around where the need for interim…

10 Times You Need Route to Market or Supply Chain Interim Managers

Michael Thompson Fri, Apr 15, 2022
I have been talking to a number of commercial and supply chain executives during the last few weeks and something of a theme has emerged. The theme is the need for highly skilled route to market / commercial and supply chain resource, available at…

Top 6 Critical Success Factors of S&OP in Africa

Michael Thompson Mon, Feb 28, 2022
I have been talking to a number of FMCG Regional and Market Leaders in the past few months about the supply chain challenges that they face in African and Middle Eastern Markets. Most understand the benefits of a Sales and Operational Planning…

12 Focus Areas for Supply Chain & Route to Market Transformation in Africa

Michael Thompson Wed, Feb 09, 2022
How do we deliver sustained excellence in supply chain and route to market in the challenging markets in Africa? I refer here to the entire supply chain from materials to shelf – i.e. supply chain and route to market (RtM). Although many of the…

Supply Chain Change – 6 External Factors to Consider

Michael Thompson Tue, Feb 01, 2022
To recap, last week’s introductory article - The 7 Essential Elements to Drive Change in your Supply Chain – considered the overall recipe for successful change. It was to understand: Why is change needed? What needs to change? How will the change…

7 Essential Elements to Drive Change in Your Supply Chain

Michael Thompson Tue, Jan 25, 2022
I spent time over the Christmas break looking back at a lot of the great blogging work my colleagues have done during 2021. As I reflected, I reviewed some of our recent client project notes. Catching up on some filing (not usually a good idea over…

DRS is Coming soon – Eleven Considerations for FMCG Companies

Michael Thompson Mon, Jul 26, 2021
Increasingly in my discussions with clients, the subject of single use plastic packaging comes up. Why? The answer is DRS. The Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) will arrive in your market soon. If you are a FMCG company, it will have a profound impact on…

Covid19 Vaccine Logistics – 3 Essentials for Success

Michael Thompson Tue, Dec 08, 2020
Now that one of the new Covid19 vaccines (Pfizer BioNTech's mRNA vaccine) has been approved by a regulatory authority (UK's MHRA on 2 December 2020), attention turns to how to vaccinate the UK and the world. It is important not to underestimate the…

Interim Management & Consultancy – What's the difference?

Michael Thompson Thu, May 25, 2017
At Enchange, we have provided many supply chain interim managers for clients over the years. I was discussing our supply chain interim management services with a client recently and she asked whether she should be hiring interim managers or…

Top 10 Times You Need Supply Chain Interim Management

Michael Thompson Fri, May 12, 2017
I have been talking to a number of supply chain executives during the last few weeks and something of a theme has emerged. The theme is the immediate need for highly skilled supply chain resource, available at short notice, with the flexibility to…

Santa & Opening Presents, S&OP & the Elves Respond

Michael Thompson Mon, Dec 12, 2016
Dear Mr Santa, I refer to the recent blog article, "Santa & Opening Presents; Why S&OP is Invaluable at Christmas". As I mentioned in the consultation process just prior to S&OP implementation, I was prepared on behalf of our members to support the…

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