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FMCG Leaders Guide: Interactive Enchange Supply Chain House

Posted by Dave Jordan on Wed, Jan 26, 2022

The Enchange Supply Chain House; the one-stop shop for all of the elements you need to achieve supply chain excellence.

The Enchange Supply Chain House was constructed about 12 months ago and has since helped many organisations understand their stage of supply chain maturity and the elements required on their journey through optimisation  towards supply chain excellence. A number of companies can claim a degree of expertise in specific areas but few can claim absolute excellence in every room of the house.

Not that excellence is everybody’s target or desire as each situation is different. You may seek customer service excellence to compete with aggressive companies investing heavily in Route to Market. Alternatively, economic reality may dictate that costs and working capital optimisation take priority at any particular time.

And that brings me to the theme of today’s article. Like any dwelling, modification, repair and decoration is an unfortunate reality, sometimes planned but frequently unexpected. As families change and grow or children flee the nest, the house must change to suit the current situation. The same is true for supply chains.

Your supply chain focus in 2021 may not be applicable for 2022 – COVID at least demands a thorough review. You may have built capability in planning and need to refocus on Deliver, HR or Strategy or another area of opportunity.

What is the Supply Chain House?

The 2022 Enchange Supply Chain House remains a simple and easy to understand reference model which provides you with a clearly defined, current and proven understanding of your supply chain status and importantly, your future potential.

  • The Supply Chain House is based on the well-established SCOR model and has been enhanced by 25+ years of deep operational experience.

  • The Supply Chain House has been designed by a team with considerable experience working with local, regional and international organisations and with supply chains of variable efficiency, structure and maturity.

  • The Enchange Supply Chain House shows you the components of the supply chain in the form of rooms and elements of a typical domestic house. Your company may need a completely new build or an extension constructed while others may only need basic redecoration and adjustment to match their aspirations.

As companies mature and grow they need something different and the same is certainly true of supply chains in 2022. From raw material to consumer shelf, the Enchange Supply Chain House tells you what you require for your extended supply chain to become the one you need.

Interactive Supply Chain House.

We have made it easier to find what you are looking for. Click on any of the main subject headings, Source, Plan, Make, Deliver etc and you will be taken to Enchange resources to help you appreciate, understand and improve performance in that discipline.

Alternatively, follow this link which takes you to the interactive version of the Supply Chain House.

What’s next?

Whatever the current status of your supply chain, the Enchange Supply Chain House provides the reference framework for you to develop the supply chain that secures your future. For the vast majority of organisations it will also enable you to make significant performance improvements and optimisation, now.

Read more articles on Supply Chain Excellence and Route To Market on our website where you can also subscribe to our frequent updates.

Finally, feel free to use any of our contact routes including Live Chat, if you have any questions about how the Enchange Supply Chain House can assist your journey to supply chain excellence. 


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