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Fergie Out: Moyes In – FMCG SKU Complexity......

Posted by Dave Jordan on Mon, May 13, 2013

This latest blog is unashamedly about football or soccer depending on where you live, but with a Supply Chain related theme. If football -the correct term, actually – is not your cup of steaming Lipton then thanks for clicking and see you next time.

A week is a long time in football but one thing David Moyes will not be doing when he strides into Old Trafford on 1 July will be enabling much change.  Apart from his lack of silverware lifting success the similarities with the outgoing Sir Alex are obvious in style, focus, steely-eyed sternness and not least, nationality. The heritage in place at Manchester United will not allow Moyes to make any significant adjustments to the way the club works and why should he? Multiple trophies over 26 years suggest that something good must be going on at the Theatre of Dreams.

However, Man United may well be Premier League Champions once more but a little tinkering with their skus, sorry I mean players may be prudent. Even the most successful product ranges need refreshment from time to time as some skus perform better than others.

Take Rooney W, for example. For over 8 years he has been the dynamic, goal getting centre forward and probably name number 1 on the team sheet. However, a new sku in Robin van Persie was launched for the 2012-13 season and he has arguably performed to a far higher quality than expected for his first year on the product range. RvP has quickly established himself at the top of the Pareto pile and is firmly in the upper quartile of high performing skus. Wazza (aka Rooney) is certainly not in the upper quartile any longer.

Two new skus on the Man U range could result from M&A activity by Moyes at his former club Everton. The Everton midfielder Felliani is bound to be a target for a switch and as he has actually areadly moved house to Manchester means this might happen sooner rather than later. Felliani is the man who appears about 3m tall due to the size of his afro.  Felliani could certainly strengthen the Man U midfield with some hair-raising performances and what a shame the famous Fergie Hair Dryer will not be available any longer.

FMCG SKU AssessmentThen there is Mr. Baines who is also follically-challenged but in a very 1960’s early Beatles mop-head fashion. Without doubt Baines is the best left back sku in the Premier League and certainly amongst the English contingent which is actually in a minority now. The addition of Baines who is already in the upper performance quartile would surely soon have the Old Trafford crowd singing “I love you yeah, yeah, yeah”.

Every team needs to continually refresh - even Man U - and progress to be successful and this is the same for your FMCG sku range. If you have not looked at it for some time you can bet your life you will find it is a little hairy.

Image courtesy of artu84 at freedigitalphotos.com

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