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SKU Complexity E-book: Free Download

Posted by Dave Jordan on Wed, May 09, 2012

The English dictionary lists the definition of complexity as “the state or quality of being intricate or complicated: an issue of great complexity”.

Wikipedia defines complexity in great detail and starts with “In general usage, complexity tends to be used to characterize something with many parts in intricate arrangement”.

Sales and Marketing people define SKU complexity as ‘those items vitally important to the future of the company, the country and possibly the global economy”.

Supply Chain people define SKU complexity as “what Sales and Marketing insist on to make our lives difficult.”

Based on our work with many blue-chip companies we have produced an E-book which may help you understand and manage SKU complexity in your FMCG, Brewing or Pharmaceutical Supply Chains.

 SKU EBook CTA Netsize copy resized 600

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