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FMCG Route To Market (RTM): Talking Heads Discussion Part 1

Posted by Dave Jordan on Wed, Mar 28, 2012

Small table, two blokes, close up camera shot.

Mal: RTM.

Jeff: What’s that then, Malaysian TV station?

Mal: No.

Jeff: Oh, it’s the IATA code for The Hague airport where they send all the war criminals.

Mal: Er, no. It’s the business.

Jeff: What business is that then?

Mal: Well, any business really, like FMCG or brewing or pharmaceuticals.

Jeff: Pharma what?

Mal: ceuticals. Tablets, medicines and that sort of stuff.

RTM Map NetsizeJeff: So what about RTM, what’s it all about?

Mal; It’s the sharp end of the consumer industry - getting stuff onto shelves in shops.

Jeff: What sort of stuff?

Mal: Any stuff really.

Jeff: Cheese?

Mal: Yes.

Jeff: Beer?

Mal: Yes, beer; all sorts of beer.

Jeff: M&Ms?

Mal: Yes, yes, yes even M&Ms.

Jeff: Ok then. What does RTM stand for?

Mal: Route …..To…..Market, that’s what.

Jeff: Route to Market. Like a map then?

Mal: No, not like a map. Well, yes like a map. It is how you get your product so that it is in front of consumers.

Jeff: What’s so special about that then? Everybody does it; even my little corner shop always has stuff on the shelves. Sounds like a lot of nonsense to me. Nothing clever.

Mal: Nothing clever? I’ll have you know that many big companies get it completely wrong. Don’t’ pay enough attention to it, see. They just assume what they do is optimum when in fact they are wasting time, effort and cash. A right mess, I can tell you.

Jeff: So, what can you do about it?

Mal: RTM. If they studied their Route To Market distribution network they would see their weaknesses and their strengths and then deploy resources accordingly. You would think that in a recession these companies would want to sell more.

Jeff: Why don’t they?

Mal: Because they don’t know what they don’t know.

Jeff: Eh?

Mal: If only they spent a little time and effort on their RTM they would understand their problems and opportunities much better. Where are you going?

Jeff: I’m off to Patel’s corner shop to see how good this RTM is locally. This Route To Market thingy has got me worried and I must have my yellow M&Ms.

To be continued……..

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