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What an RTM Assessment can achieve: FMCG, Brewing, Pharma

Posted by Dave Jordan on Wed, Mar 14, 2012

Just a short blog today for a little bit of fun but with a serious message. If you have not studied your Route To Market (RTM) deployment recently then now would be a good time. What was appropriate even a few short years ago can be wholly out of line with the current market dynamics. You could be aiming too much resource at a reducing target and not enough where markets are growing.

The overall effects of spending time and money on your RTM are increased sales and market share. The return on investment for a short study would be rapid and in the region of several hundred % yet not everyone takes the step of requesting subject matter expert help.

So, depending on what sector you are in an RTM assessment and subsequent action plan would provide something different but all in the same onwards and upwards direction. Some examples of what can be archived:

Wine – uncork your increased sales and market share

Soft drinks – put the fizz back in your business

Beer – don’t let your sales go flat

Liquor – lift your spirits

Pharma – cure your sales issues

Detergents – clean up the market

Tyres – accelerate ahead of the competition

Chocolate – take a bite out of competition

Dairy – let the cream rise to the top

Bakery – increase your slice of the market

Electronics – amplify your sales

Telecoms – ring the changes

Cosmetics – smooth out your sales pattern

Tobacco – set the market alight

If you think of more please comment on the blog.

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