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Top Ten Summer Season Smash Hits of FMCG Drinks Producers

Posted by Dave Jordan on Fri, Aug 05, 2011


Summer is just around the corner and drinks producers across the globe will be battling for an increased share of throat. Whatever refreshment you offer the challenge to ensure your product is taken off the shelf or out of the cooler remains very competitive. Perhaps the even greater challenge is to see your shelf replenished before your competitors. When the sun is shining or diners are dining and your cooler is empty then you have really lost a sale. What went wrong, how does this happen?

If you use a distribution network to service Traditional Trade (TT) and your business is summer seasonal then you are running out of time to achieve an improvement this year. However, as soon as the swimming pools empty and the traffic jams to the coast are over you should sit down and look critically at how your Route To Market (RTM) network serves your customers – yes, your customers and not those of the distributors! If you are not in a summer seasonal business then why not take that critical look right now?

Companies that have done this have secured sustainable, increased sales and improved bottom lines. RTM for TT is sometimes ignored but in difficult times this channel can be a gold mine and a career saver!

Ok, serious stuff over and let us have a look at some smash hits which drinks producers will enjoy. In no particular order:

Two Pints Of lager And A Packet Of Crisps Please – Splogenessabounds

Sprit In The Sky -  Norman Greenbaum

Hot, Hot, Hot – Arrow

Celebration - Kool and the Gang

In The Summer Time – Mungo Jerry

Dry Land -  Marillion

Red, Red Wine - UB40

Champagne - Salt –n-Pepa

Here Comes Summer – Jerry Keller

Here Comes The sun - The Beatles

If you have a successful season this year then well done. If you struggle a bit then look at your RTM distribution network sooner rather than later or you will be one of those companies with difficult Q4's - again!  


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