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The players in a high performing Supply Chain

Posted by Dave Jordan on Mon, Jul 05, 2010

There are no individuals in this team. This is a team where the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts. The Supply Chain operates quietly and often in the background but is an essential team for any business.

Team Sheet

Goal Keeper 

S&OP – reliable and a safe pair of hands. Nothing gets past; no slip ups!

Left Back 

Demand Planning – always one step ahead, likes to get forward.

Lentre Half

ERP – robust yet flexible, covers the entire pitch.

Centre Half

Procurement – buys time for his colleagues; a valuable team player.

Right Back

Supply Planning – a constant supply to midfield and attack

Left Midfield

Manufacturing – a play-maker; a reliable supplier of the goods

Right Midfield

Warehousing – physically big and strong; contributes loads.

Holding Midfield 

Transport – swift; seamlessly links defence with attack.

Central Midfield

Customer Service – attentive and vocal; keeps an eye on delivery. 


Route To Market IKA – fast, direct; on time and in full.


RTM Traditional Trade - well built and knows where the target is.

Supply Chain TeamSubstitutes

SKU Complexity Reduction – useful towards the end of the game to simplify and refocus the team.

Green - Sustainability – an upcoming youngster who is set to play a major role in the future.


KPI’s – keeps a close track on the team and individual performance. Knows where the weaknesses are.

Perhaps you would like to suggest an alternative line-up?  Who do you think should be in the Supply Chain starting eleven?

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