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5 Actions to Reignite your FMCG RtM & Drive Sales Now

Posted by Ross Marie on Wed, Jun 07, 2023

The Age-Old Sales Question

The End of Q2 is in sight. We have stuck to our plan, and we have faith.

rtm-sales-drive-q2-in-postWe have executed in the field, at least we think we have.

We are managing our trade partners well, or so we have been told.

The numbers are coming in, but they are just not at the level we need. But we are told they will improve

As sales leaders, we are getting lots of focus from the other members of the local top team, and the GM is getting above-market pressure from colleagues and even more senior 'colleagues'. We are getting lots of looks from our international sales colleagues.

None of this is going away unless we can change the numbers.

At Last the Answer - More Sales!

So we know we need more sales.  Now we have several choices:

❌ We can chase volume and hope, which is more of the same but perhaps with a bit more praying.

❌ We can call up the friendly distributors and wholesalers, give them a 'great deal' (i.e. throw away margin) and then steal volume from Q3, and deal with the same problem at the end of Q3.

❌ We can get our excuses ready for missed targets. After all, COVID recently ended (?), the economy is bad, interest rates are crazy, there are international conflicts, etc.......

❌ We can take radical action very quickly, like an emergency price drop or promotion, or other quick activity. The problem here is that it is an emergency activity, not in the plan, not really researched or well thought out. Sure it may work, but at what cost?

So I suggest a different approach.

Positive Actions to Drive Sales

Let's look at some positive actions, that will not only help in the relatively short term but will have lasting positive effects:

  1. RtM Health Check to highlight any gaps or opportunities, using our 20 Steps to RtM Excellence here
  2. Rejuvenate your Channell Approach - have you got the right Distribution set up for the right channels? Find out here
  3. RtM Training to Sharpen your teams’ skills & increase sales - use our approach here
  4. Deliver FMCG Distribution Excellence to drive volume using our approach here.
  5. A Sales & Execution Razor Sharp Focus using our approach – Click Here.

What should you do now?


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