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3 Steps to Boost FMCG Sales

Posted by Michael Thompson on Tue, Mar 12, 2024

A few months ago, I hurt my knee whilst running. It was a rather tame event but my knee was clearly injured. Failing to heal over the next few days I decided to visit an Osteopath who specialises in sports injuries. He informed me that I had an unstable knee with poor muscle development to support it. This came as a great surprise as I exercise every day and consider myself to be fit – I’ve been doing triathlons for over 16 years, for example.

fmcg RtM sales growth

I was given some new exercises and advice. Sure enough a few months later my knee is a lot stronger. I have just survived a week of skiing with my son.

Why do I mention this?

It is because of the role of experts.

Recently I have been speaking to a number of clients about their need to increase and boost sales. In some cases, it is obvious from our discussions what the solution is. Obvious to me that is. After all I consider myself an expert in sales and route to market – I have been doing it for my entire career.

In other cases, the answer is not obvious and requires some analysis and investigation.

So, I offer the following three steps to boost your sales.

  1. Sales Strategy & Goals. Revisit your sales plan and goals, and the assumptions that underpin them. Are they realistic?  Do they need to be revised? Have we identified focus in terms of geography, channels, products, for example?
  2. Sales Processes. Are our sales processes working well? What are our metrics telling us about numeric and weighted distribution, for example? Do the sales reps' route plans need to be revisited? Are our distributors performing to expectations?  In other words, to what extent are our sales processes fit for purpose?  Do we plan to leverage the game-changing potential of digital RtM? Often simple changes to sales processes can make a big difference to outcomes.
  3. Sales Execution. You can have the best sales strategy, aligned to well considered sales focus and goals, supported by excellent sales processes. However, unless all of the above are well executed, you will in most circumstances, achieve little other than frustration and lower than desired sales. So, it may be time to investigate your sales execution. Do you have the right sales team, organised in the most effective territories, executing the most efficient routes? Do they have the right level of skills? Are sales incentives well aligned to your sales strategy?

Back to my knee. I considered myself to be knowledgeable about exercise and always doing the right thing to keep myself fit.  I was wrong. I needed an expert to help me recover.

What to do if you're hitting roadblocks in boosting your FMCG sales?

Remember the power of expertise.

Just like with a knee injury, sometimes it takes a specialist to uncover hidden opportunities and strengthen your approach. Explore our resources today and elevate your sales game with expert insights and strategies.

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