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 Enchange Blogger Keith Marshall Keith is a senior consultant with Enchange.





Professional profile

Keith has 13 years line management experience and 18 years international consultancy experience across many industrial and commercial sectors with work that has varied from project managing engineering programmes to large scale multi-site supply chain redesign projects. He is a "hands on" project manager and consultant, an effective leader and achiever.

His experience has been in all aspects of client operations, including project management supply chain and logistics, materials management, finance, human resources, production, engineering, quality assurance and information systems. marketing, sales, wholesale and retail distribution. His main area of experience has been in project management of supply chain operations where he has completed a number of successful projects in Africa, UK, USA, and Eastern Europe. His experience has involved design, development and managing the whole set of primary & secondary supply chain processes from forecasting, planning, supplier management, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and sales.

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