Michael Thompson


Michael ThompsonMichael is the Managing Director and founder of Enchange in 1993. Since that time Enchange has had the privilege of working with many of the world's leading multinational organisations. We have successfully delivered in excess of 500 supply chain projects for over 100 clients in more than 60 countries.


Professional Profile

Michael has led and personally been responsible for many of these programmes that have resulted in wholesale organisation change with substantial improvements in productivity, efficiency, sales and customer service, fixed and variable cost reduction. Bottom line improvements for these programmes have exceeded several millions of GB Pounds per annum. More recently he has directed programmes and developed the Enchange service offering.

ichael has travelled extensively with his work particularly in Africa and Central & Eastern Europe. He lived in Kenya and Romania for 3 and 2 years respectively.

Before starting Enchange, Michael worked for Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals for 6 years, before donning a back pack & travelling for a couple of years. He enjoys sport, current affairs and sharing ‘stories' about how to make things happen in emerging markets.


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