Dave Jordan

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Dave is our in-house supply chain expert. He lives in Bucharest, Romania and mainly blogs about the characteristics, drivers, challenges and best practices of FMCG and Pharmaceuticals supply chain operations in Developing & Emerging regions. Dave delivers interesting supply chain learnings often through the use of humour, music, poetry and analogies with daily life experiences.

Professional profile

Dave Jordan is a supply chain expert with over 35 years’ experience in the FMCG sector.  Dave joined Enchange from Unilever in 2009 as the in-house expert focusing on Developing & Emerging countries and is operates from Bucharest, Romania and Birmingham, UK.

Prior to joining Enchange, Dave led the supply chain operations of Unilever throughout South Central Europe. His extensive international experience includes over 25 years working in emerging markets primarily in the Middle East, Africa, CEE and the Caucasus. Dave possesses a wide range of Supply Chain operational skills and knowledge having operated in each of the Source, Plan and Make & Deliver Supply Chain areas.  

Dave has expert knowledge of how to maximise S&OP/IBP process efficiency.  Having led a number of S&OP/IBP projects, he utilises a facilitation and coaching approach to achieve employee engagement and improve business performance during what is often a difficult change process. 

Dave has a record of meeting extremely stretching time, cost and KPI goals, often through application of unconventional solutions to complex problems. Dave’s track record reflects his ability to successfully manage change within growing businesses in rapidly growing markets and in very challenging multi-cultural environments.

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